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Best MBA blog awards 2008-09

Clear Admit has released its 2008-2009 MBA blog awards see here. It is a good guide to what’s out there, particularly from MBA students and current MBA applicants. There’s some great on-the-ground advice in there, and lots of shoulders to cry on. Good stuff!

Top 10 Applicant Blogs
1. TienyChesney –
2. D.G. –
3. Ahembeea –
4. MissionMBA –
5. Soni –
6. PaloAltoForAwhile –
7. Choc Heaven –
8. Helen –
9. Samantha –
10. OMGParisHilton –

Most Entertaining Applicant Blog
OMGParisHilton –

Best GMAT Preparation Advice
Soni –

Best School Selection Advice
Alex –

Best Essay Advice (tie)
MissionMBA –
The Teacher –

Best Interview Advice (tie)
ChocHeaven – & D.G. –

Best Single Post by an Applicant
Ahembeea: MBA Applications – Lessons from the journey

Top Ten Student Blogs
1. MaybeMBA –
2. JulyDream –
3. Paragon2Pieces –
4. Hairtwirler –
5. Iday –
6. TinyDancer –
7. CS –
8. Andrew –
9. Mandy –
10. M@ –

Most Entertaining Student Blog
July Dream –

Best Resource for Applicants
Iday –

Best Job/Internship Advice
MaybeMBA –

Best Representation of Academics

Best Representation of Student Life

Best Single Post by a Student
MaybeMBA had a number of posts recognized, but Farewell was particularly popular.

Some Harvard puffery, but good insight into what HBS looks for

Harvard Business School has a promotional video up at

The video can also been seen here.

It’s an ad for HBS of course, highlighting its main point of distinction: the case method, which, according to HBS creates “special moments that pull everything we have learned into focus. When theory, practice, experience and talent all come to one sharp point β€” a decision.” And so on.

For the MBA admissions applicant this is a worthwhile watch for a few reasons

1. It is good insight into how b-schools work and think. It is good background on the culture and attitudes at play, including overall assumptions and ethics, and therefore what would be expected of the next class too.

2. It is good insight into the dynamics of the business school classroom, and the requirements of individual and group-based learning. The applicant positioned well to work in this way, is well positioned to be admitted.

3. It is good insight into the case method of teaching. HBS is “ground zero” of the case method, but actually almost every school uses cases to a significant degree, so it is useful for understanding all schools.

By the way, the case method has been under a bit of scrutiny, and voices have been raised that Harvard did not adequately prepare its graduates to assess risk / business failure (the credit crunch and fallout). See example stories in Forbes and Bloomberg News. But, to me it doesn’t look like HBS did worse than anywhere else …

Note also how HBS focuses on its distinctive marker – the case method – in branding and advertising itself. Same principles apply to MBA applicants.

More World MBA Tour legacy, 18 principles of MBA admissions which I still stand by

The last piece moving resources off the old MBA Studio site, and into the land of blogs and permalinks. It’s from a talk I gave on the World MBA Tour in 2003 – proving, if nothing else, how long I’ve been around doing MBA admissions consulting πŸ™‚ . Seriously, from year to year, the basic insights into what works in getting admitted to elite schools changes little, so this worth a little reprise (click here for pps show.)