Alumni Services

After almost a decade in MBA admissions coaching, Avi has a broad network of graduates from the top schools. By popular demand he continues to help them after their MBAs with business communications needs of various sorts.

This is now formalized as an official MBA Studio ‘Alumni’ service including:

  • document writing & editing
  • article (newsletter, newspaper, magazine, journal) writing & editing
  • presentation creation & editing (PowerPoint or Keynote)
  • speechwriting
  • public speaking coaching & rehearsal
  • job interview coaching & rehearsal

The key difference in the alumni service is that MBA admissions ethics (to which MBA Studio strictly adheres) do NOT apply. This means, in a nutshell, Avi can ghostwrite your copy or ghostcreate your presentation.

The same general principles of quality service and quick turnaround apply. And, as before, when you pay for Avi you get Avi, not a junior associate.

The service is aimed at senior executives who need a business-qualified business communications advisor and facilitator. As a top-10 MBA graduate himself, Avi is also able to create or edit communications with a high level of business, management, operations, strategy, and marketing expertise, up to C-Suite and Board level.

The service is open to non-MBA Studio alumni too (and to non-MBAs.)



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