The MBA Admissions Studio connects with and puts high-quality resources into the MBA admissions community, mostly via social networks. Here’s an overview of what there is and where to get it:

1. The articles  at . This is Avi Gordon’s specialized MBA admissions advisory platform, with hundreds of articles covering various topics including admissions insights, tactics, essay-craft, interview-prep, and so on. It is owner-written content, updated more-or-less every two weeks days during MBA admissions season (July-February) and more sporadically out of season. Updates are syndicated to Facebook and to various other outlets (see below.)

2. Syndicated articles from the home page at are selected and run by various b-school and general media outlets. Among these are MBAPodcaster; The World MBA Tour; Business Insider; and Business Week. This list varies from month to month.

3. Facebook Page – MBA Admissions Studio contains material from as well other MBA admssions and MBA Studio-related updates. If you like what you see there (or here), a “like” is very much appreciated.

4. The MBA Studio News is a daily online newspaper created out of sources @mbastudio twitter follows, as well as other selected MBA- and B-school related feeds. It is technology at its best: a fast, accurate, visual overview of what’s going on in the MBA admissions world day-by-day.

5. Twitter @mbastudio is an active and focused admissions resource, with no unrelated tweet junk.

6. Linkedin – Avi Gordon is also on Linkedin and happy to connect and stay in touch with past and potential future clients.

Writing resources: a comprehensive writing assistance and English grammar site – writerly resources from the University of Illinois writers’ workshop – 150 writing resources from the Open Education Database – common errors in English. Hosted at Washington State University – guide to grammar and style. Hosted at Rutgers. – how to create a “hook” for an essay. –  tutorial covering various aspects of essay writing.

Other Resources:

The MBA Tour

The World MBA Tour (QS)

Search MBA

Find MBA

Find Your MBA

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