The MBA Admissions Studio connects with and puts high-quality resources into the MBA admissions community, mostly via social networks. Here’s an overview of what there is and where to get it:

1. The articles  at . This is Avi Gordon’s  MBA admissions advisory platform, with hundreds of articles covering various topics including admissions insights, tactics, essay-craft, interview-prep, and more. It is owner-written content, with new content during MBA admissions season (July-February) and more sporadically out of season. Updates are syndicated to Facebook and to various other outlets (see below.)

2. Facebook Page – MBA Admissions Studio contains material from as well other MBA admssions and MBA Studio-related updates. If you like what you see there (or here), a “like” is very much appreciated.

3. The MBA Studio News is a daily online newspaper created out of sources @mbastudio twitter follows, as well as other selected MBA- and B-school related feeds.

4. Twitter @mbastudio is a focused admissions resource, with no unrelated tweet junk.

5. Linkedin – Avi Gordon also syndicates on Linkedin, and is happy to connect and stay in touch with past and potential future clients.

English writing and grammar resources: – checks the grammar of text you input; also proofs, paraphrases and more – a lively grammar resource by Mignon Fogarty, Grammar-Girl a comprehensive writing assistance and English grammar site – writerly resources from the University of Illinois writers’ workshop – 150 writing resources from the Open Education Database – common errors in English. Hosted at Washington State University – how to create a “hook” for an essay. –  tutorial covering various aspects of essay writing. – guide to plagiarism and how to avoid it (and resources Adcom may use to check for it!) – rich list of resources: dictionaries, style guides, usage handbooks and more. – a resource guide to writing, covering inspiration, outlining, grammar, editing, and more. – a list of very common English mistakes even mother-tongue speakers make

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