Thank you for considering MBA Studio’s 1-1 support and guidance from an accredited admissions professional. Services are designed to be particularly flexible and affordable, including full-text-markup essay editing at just $25 per 100 words incoming. Everything below provided personally by MBA admissions author, advisor, and coach, Avi Gordon. MBA Studio is now in its 15th year.

1. Q&A

Ask anything to do with your profile, essays, interviews, recos, resume, how to play your hand, or anything else you want to know about elite MBA admissions and how to crack it. This service includes reading any documents you want to send.

Q&A: $75 per half-hour.  Order



You get a detailed live-discussion assessment and analysis of a previous unsuccessful application, to identify what went wrong and why. This is a no-BS, no-sweet-talk thorough review of what your application problems and weaknesses were. It will probably hurt! But it will make your strengths, weaknesses, and red flags (if any) clear to you, and guide you to avoid repeating the same mistakes. A ding analysis means putting a fine-tooth comb through all the documents and material you submitted to Adcom, including all your essays, in preparation for a detailed discussion with you.

Ding analysis: $595  Order



This is the core of a successful application. It is here that you and Avi “crack” your story, finding and marshaling your value for admissions. We explore, consolidate, refine, and package your claim for selection. We talk and we think hard how to make the most of who you are and what you’ve done in the past, and what you could credibly do in the future, to get you noticed by Adcom. We extract key themes, value drivers, points of interest, elements of distinctiveness and other valuable content. We look at key transition points, motivations, successes, failures–to get to a clear and organized determination of your core value drivers, points of interest, and distinctive elements. Profiling also involves understanding which of your achievements are relevant, interesting, and valuable to Adcom, highlighting them and pulling them focus through into your application message.

Profiling is the basis of your statement of purpose (why an MBA, why here, why now?) and the other essays, and also what you say in application form answers, and in interviews, and how you guide you recommenders.


Profiling Worksheets: You get a structured question set in 3 documents that prompts you to investigate your personal and professional profile strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and resources along the key MBA admissions value dimensions, following an intuitive tabular format.

1-to-1 Profiling Session(s) by phone or skype: Avi works with you individually to bring together all the elements of your story into a coherent, structured profile, identify your application themes, position you correctly and differentiate you vs competitor applicants, and ready you for the essays, interview, and other parts of your application. (This is unlimited calls to do with profiling matters, with unlimited followups, as necessary), which also further includes:

Careers Goals Development: The quality and scope of applicant career and life goals is absolutely key in successful MBA admissions. Goals must credibly link to your past, but also suggest interesting and ambitious future success. They cannot be too specific (no career blueprint will be believed) but cannot be too general, unformulated, and indeterminate either. Together we determine your best goals, both short term and long-term, for MBA Admission presentation.

Unlimited full suite of services related to your profiling and positioning, value points assessment and evolution, theme and message development,  career goals development, including profiling worksheets and all 1-1 discussions necessary. Does not include pre-writing, or essay review and editing:  $1,495  Order



The next stage is to build profiling into an essay or mixed-media submission strategy: where and how to best deliver each important profile value item across the application input options. This is where Avi helps you decide what to say, how to say it, and which place to say it in — and which evidence or examples to use so as to develop a consistent message across the entire set while making sure there are no redundancies or gaps.

Question Primers: Part of getting your input right is to understand the simple and compound challenges present in the questions you face. Avi helps you understand what is being sought by each input, and therefore what should be included. Among other things, this saves a lot of time and effort writing text that is off-track.

Input Approaches: Here we talk and decide specifically what to present in each essay and which evidence or examples to use, what your major points are, what order to put them in, and how to link from one to the other. You end up with a content preview and a framework to follow.

(Follows 3. Personal and Professional Profiling, above)
Question Primers & Input Approaches. Live 1-1 analysis and discussion: $295 per school.



Essay review progresses through the following three stages:

(a) Essay Content Development, Tactical Advice: Avi reviews the content of your essay, helping you identify what’s valuable and what is not, advising what to keep, where additional content is required, and where to refocus or change emphasis to raise your admissions value. This includes assessing your positioning strategy and core message; integrating your themes into the text while remaining within the question posed; evaluating the admissions value of the examples and anecdotes you have chosen; cutting low-content-value “air bubbles” (giving you more space to make statements that count) and making sure you avoid unproven or unprovable claims and other red-flags.

(b) Form and Structure Enhancement: As the content comes up to standard, Avi further helps you organize the essay and communicate it clearly, to capture the full weight of your admissions value. This includes rebuilding your essay structure and paragraph placement, where necessary, to clarify direction and flow, as well as determining the optimal balance between situational example-stories and your overall admissions argument.

(c) Style, Grammar, and Expression Polish: Avi helps you fine-tune your essays to a high standard of style, expression, linguistic, and grammatical correctness, taking care not to lose your own voice and narrative style. This includes clarifying and enhancing sentence construction, fixing ambiguities, evening-out word choice and word register, and consolidating each essay’s overall tone in this ‘final polish’ stage.

Note: These stages cascade naturally in every essay review. Where content is working, structure and flow is assessed, and where structure is working, expression and grammar is considered. It normally takes two-to-three reviews to get an essay right.

Sample Reviews (click to view full size):




♦ You may choose which essay or essays in a set (or which whole paragraphs thereof) are for review. This provides you great control of cost – your total is assessed on word count of text marked for feedback and editing only. However please always send the full essay and all essays in the set for comparative integration assessment, even if only some sections are marked for review. Also, please send all essays in one file.

♦ You may also use this text-review option for admissions paragraph short questions and other admissions form items.

Essay review, development, and editing: $25 per 100 words of incoming text.  Order

Note: the extensive text feedback, content, structural, tactical advice and text-markup you receive on your essay, is your full service. You may of course ask any questions or clarifications via email, but essay review and editing does not include phone call service. 2nd review of an essay requires a new order, although you may mark paragraphs ‘read only’ and will not be charged for these.



It is very common that recommenders ask candidates to produce a set of talking points or even draft of their recommendation, which the recommender then endorses or changes for final submission. If you are producing such a draft, Avi will help you get the content right so that your recommender doesn’t go down the wrong track or find him/herself having to guess how to raise your admissions value. Similarly to Essay Content Review above, this is about assessing your positioning strategy and core message; identifying what is valuable for your recommender to say vs. what is not, advising where additional content is required, or where to refocus or change emphasis, as well as evaluating the admissions value of the examples and anecdotes you are suggesting your recommender talk about.

Recommendation draft prep is all about the content. It assumes that your recommender can communicate professionally, and therefore does not attend to the text at this level. Note that the MBA Admissions Studio does *not* write recommendations.

Reco’s review: $25 per 100 words of incoming text.  Order

Note: the text and overview feedback you receive on your recommendations text is your full service. You may of course ask any questions or clarifications via email, but reco’s review and editing does not include phone call service. A second review of a reco set requires a new order, although you may mark paragraphs ‘read only’ and will not be charged for these.



Avi provides full analysis of your MBA resume from an admissions viewpoint, repositioning content and repurposing it as necessary, and editing it to frame the resume correctly and competitively for b-school admissions purposes.

MBA resume review, development, and editing: $50 per 100 words of incoming text.  Order

Note: the extensive text and overview feedback, including text-markup you receive on your essay, is your full service. You may of course ask any questions or clarifications via email, but resume review and editing does not include phone call service. A second review of a resume requires a new order, although you may mark sections ‘read only’ and will not be charged for these.



A one hour, or 1.5 hours, live 1-1 interview strategy and rehearsal session focused on the common core MBA admissions interview questions + particular questions your profile is likely to elicit. You also get MBA Studio’s list of 200 most common MBA interview questions, organized by theme. Taken together this roundly preps you for your interview(s), assessing and advising on content, polishing your response to expected questions in general as well as those you personally should expect, and giving an overview sense of the kind of outlier questions that are possible (but statistically unlikely) to come up. This services is content preparation and structured rehearsal, with ongoing analysis and feedback, not a “mock interview.”

MBA Studio’s 200 Interview Questions document; 1.5 hours live 1-1 rehearsal and coaching: $395  Order

MBA Studio’s 200 Interview Questions document; One hour live 1-1 rehearsal and coaching: $295  Order



All services above, all unlimited, soup-to-nuts, applied to your application.

Two-School Unlimited Package: $7,985.  Order

Three-School Unlimited Package: $9,750.  Order

♦  Please check availability before ordering this service


MBA Studio works all around the world: prices here in $US for convenience. You may use any major card to contract in any currency. Service prices above may be changed without notice, but will only apply to new purchases. Rush or weekend charges may be applied, and prices may also be adjusted in cases requiring extensive English-language support. Turnaround is 48 hours or less, excluding weekends, but this is not a condition of service and may anyway vary slightly according to your global time zone. Services are valid for the current application year only (expire one year after signup.) Client confidentiality and data is strictly guarded. Provision of services is not a guarantee of admission.


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