Good Results (and Enter the Slow Season)

It’s slow season again in MBA Admissions — there is still some work incoming, and long-range questions directed at next year, but mostly for MBA Studio, as for the industry as a whole, we draw breath at this point ahead of the helter-skelter beginning in July.

Readers of this site over years will know that I don’t update much at this time of the year. But I can report overall delight at results. There have been a few exceptions — there always are in the massively competitive arena of elite MBA admissions, and MBA Studio does not turn any credible applicant away — but on the whole MBA Studio clients have got in everywhere they hoped to, including every one of the top-15 schools. You will see some of their testimonials newly posted alongside. (I don’t have space to post them all.)

I’ll sign off for now with a screen grab of a recent tweet endorsement by Ivey MBA Admissions of some of the content to be found here on this site: