Review of MBA Admissions Book and Services

I don’ t talk a lot about myself. I’ve been doing MBA admissions essay advisory and interview support successfully for 18 years. I have many hundreds of client application wins to top business schools.

Occasionally I update client feedback in the sidebar on this page, but do not normally post in full, particularly not the effusive ones. It’s not really my style. Mostly I stay behind the scenes, providing a quiet and confidential service. The right people find me.

Breaking that tradition, I feel this one, below, well-expresses a message I try to get across, which is: if you have a credible profile and you put in high-quality admissions work with a proper sparring partner (and without getting too heavy, some of this work is progress to self-insight, particularly with regards to admissions value) and you communicate the fruits of this work clearly and honestly… well, it’s still no certainty(!) But you will stand a much higher chance of MBA admissions success, no matter who you are.

MBA Studio Avi Gordon review