A Grammar Test. Do You Dare?

If I’m pushed, I’d say that content matters more than expression in MBA admissions essays and short answers. It must.  Adcom most wants to know who you are and what you have to say.

But grammar, spelling, punctuation still matter a LOT. Its like having the best soccer boots. Yes, that’s important. But you’re not going to score any goals if they are not laced up,

Are you laced up? Here’s a grammar quiz.  http://thedailypolls.com/can-you-get-a-2525-on-this-advanced-grammar-test/

It’s not so easy, mind. If you’re writing MBA admissions essays this summer, try it, see how you do.

Me, I normally steer well clear of Internet self-diagnostics. But  should I be reviewing clients’ MBA admissions essays for grammar and expression, as well as content, if I couldn’t knock a test like this on the head?

MBA grammar test

(On my honor, I went once through from the beginning, no corrections. This was a few years ago – reposting from 2017.)