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FT reports on Anderson’s audio essay experience

FT.com / Business education – A word in your ear this week reports: “At the Anderson school at UCLA, applicants this year were asked to submit their essays in audio format. Although the scheme was voluntary, some 70 per cent of applicants for the class of 2011 chose to record their essays rather than submit them in a text format, says Mae Jennifer Shores, admissions director. …

“The audio clips have been useful on a number of fronts, says Ms Shores: they show how well the applicants can communicate, how well they have grasped the use of English and how they perform under pressure. Also they demonstrate how creative students can be: some added music – either commercially produced or self-generated.

“It also enabled some students to demonstrate a sense of humour. “It was a joy for us,” says Ms Shores…

“Ms Shores says the Anderson school may choose to make the audio clips compulsory next year, or alternatively it may consider using video clips instead.”

MBA Studio’s take on this:

(1) If given the option of audio or video – Take It! You don’t need to overly interpret “it was a joy for us,” to know what their preference is. Not doing it is almost a red flag.

(2) In the original article the FT reporter also suggests the audio essay is a way of nulliflying the effect of admissions consultants. That’s poor reporting. Consultants can just as easily help applicants with communication in any media.

Responsible admissions advisors advise and edit and coach, like any advisor in any field. MBA Studio, for one, would never cross the line and prepare a candidates submission for them whether written, audio, or video.

The MBA Admissions Studio goes blogging

Were still in the testing phase, but time has come for MBA Studio to become a blog site – and twitterer – in keeping with the times. Since 2002, MBA Studio, run by Avi Gordon has helped thousands of applicants get admitted to competitive business schools for MBA and EMBA programs. Avi is the author of “MBA Admissions Strategy: From Profile Building to Essay Writing (McGraw Hill / Open University Press) which has been very handsomely reviewed by readers – see Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

MBA Admissions support is more than just editing essays. It is advice and coaching. In most cases it involves carefully getting to know clients, and helping them explore and really figure out their their competitive value: what their story is, what will make them noticeable and memorable to Adcom. And then helping them say it as powerfully as possible, via admissions essays, interviews and the rest of the application process. Over seven years, client feedback has been amazing and gratifying. See other parts of this and accompanying pages for a flavor of it. (All client feedback is verifiable.)

This blog will be my way to keep resources to applicants flowing, both from my writing – essays, advice columns, book excerpts – and bringing you the best from the broader b-school media and blogger community. -Avi